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Das wahnsinnig gute WinSCP ist in einer neuen Final-Version erschienen. Es wurden ein paar kleine nervige Bugs gefixed, ansonsten gibt es kaum nennenswerte Neuerungen.

Ein paar sinnvolle Neuerungen, die bereits für kommende Versionen eingeplant sind:

  • Command Duplicate can transfer files in between different opened sessions (via local temporary copy). It can also be used to duplicate the file within the session, if the protocol does not allow direct duplication.
  • More than one host key for a host may be accepted.
  • When synchronized browsing is on and entered directory does not exist in an opposite directory, WinSCP offers to create it.
  • When operation finishes while minimized, window is no longer restored. Instead taskbar balloon is shown.
  • WinSCP starts on the same monitor is was closed the last time.



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